The website has been in 16.Oct.2014 established.
It has been quite a long time since i wanted to have a platform, on which we could share the aesthete things in our lives.
A picture, a song, a video etc.

There're so many beauties in our lives, i just can't wait to share them with you.
So, it was established.

这个站点于2014年10月16日成立。 很早以前我就想有一个平台, 一个能够分享生活中唯美的一切给大家的平台。 图片、歌曲、视频 等等...

生活中有太多的美,我等不及与你们分享了。 所以,这个小站IQILA就这么建立起来了。

站长: wzd
主页: We Zap Daily
地址: http://www.wzd.hk